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About the BikeBoards Team Riders:

The BikeBoards Team is a selective team of bike athletes with a passion to develop our sport in winter riding by demonstrating a variety of skills, visions, and creativity with BikeBoards. We are incredibly proud of our unique team, each rider’s self-motivation to go beyond, and the common bonds that have brought us together.

Interested in being part of our team of riders? Contact Dave or Tracy, C0-Managers of BikeBoards Team Riders, for more information at

Francis Delapena
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Francis is living in his own private Idaho, and has a penchant for BMX and having fun. His favorite things are going fast, tabletops, and bunnyhops. Never the type to take himself too seriously, his style can be best described as an eccentric mix of full throttle riding and odd ball humor. If you watch any of his videos or follow him on social media, he’ll have you clapping your hands one second and scratching your head the next. He’s the type of guy who’ll go out of his way to build a snowman, just for the sole intent of bombing a hill and crashing into it on purpose.

We never really know what to expect out of Francis. The first clip he sent us was of him wearing a full body bear costume. He’s a bit of a wildcard to say the least, but whatever he does, it’s a safe bet you’ll hear him laughing and having fun the whole time.

His kind of fun is so contagious, we are not sure if he joined our team or we joined his! Either way, it’s a perfect fit.

Bella Stevens
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rw_1754078Bella is an enthusiastic bike rider from Santa Cruz, California. At only 12 years old, Bella is our youngest BikeBoards member. Bella has literally grown-up on a bike and was doing bicycling tricks before she hit kindergarten. Bella was clearly born to ride! She participated in competitive BMX racing for five years and now Bella enjoys all varieties of biking from mountain biking to dirt jumping, to hanging at the pump track with her friends. Bella is so excited that she has found a new way to experience biking by attaching the BikeBoards to her wheels! Bella is now able to ride her bike in the snowy mountains of Tahoe as well as the sand dunes surrounding her beach community!

Check out Bella at:

Juno Boman
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"Why not get out and ride?"

rw_1751569Juno is a mountain bike athlete born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Juno started out back in the late 80's and moved on to riding BMX and mountainbikes during the 90's, and even spent a couple of years riding motocross. Juno left her hometown, and moved south of Stockholm to pursue music, releasing an album and playing with various music artists. After a car accident, Juno felt like something was missing in her life and returned to biking as part of her healing process.

"At first I got myself a DJ bike and in 2013 I had my main focus on Freeride/Downhill. For the first time in what seemed to be forever I felt that I could actually do something. I felt alive again."

Juno's favorite place to ride is Järvsö Bike Park, as well as local trails, and she likes to contribute to local trail building. Her goals for riding are to improve as much as she can in the sport and ride year around, in all conditions almost every day. Her goals also include traveling more to find new places to ride and to ride in different countries. As creative as our other members, Juno also shares a passion for photography and film making, doing her own shooting and editing, to connect with others and share her passion and love for biking.

Cameron (Cam) Quadrelli
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rw_1750965Cam is a mountain bike athlete from New Westminster, British Colmbia. His favorite trails are the Elevator, Roach Hit, Pioneer, Cliff of Insanity, Pro Star, and Crabapple. His passion is riding downhill and he is incredibly talented in his riding skills. He frequently participates in challenges such as the recent whip off finals at Panorama. Cam's films reflect an intensity that keeps you feeling you are on the edge of something new and unexpected. You are whipped along as if on a roller coaster ride, moving fluidly, but not knowing how long you will be up or when you are coming down, nervous and excited to see what is next. Watching Cam you will understand the intensity of the challenge, the determination required to meet it, and the many trials to be completed to get there. Cam is eager to demonstrate a new, elevated level of his sport by riding with the BikeBoards team. Ready to see a whip off with BikeBoards?

Instagram: @cam_quadrelli

Frederic Bonnefille
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rw_1747411Frederic is a mountain bike athlete from the Alps of France. He rides MTB Enduro and is active in the French Championships. As a skilled rider, Fred instantly applied his ability to riding two BikeBoards. For Fred, the most fun is riding with two for more speed in winter freeriding, and it also adds a new element to his technical riding. He enjoys jumping off obstacles and gliding around trees, through forest areas where he commonly rides. Fred's films reflect his genuine, positive enthusiasm and shares an incredible sense of confidence and fun that is inspiring and contagious. It always delivers many smiles, worries fall away, and moments are shared that allow you to truly understand that he appreciates the joy in every part of his journey. You will believe the possibilities are endless. With access to some of the most impressive mountain biking and ski areas in the world, Fred demonstrates a whole new range of riding for the team.

Instagram: @fredbonnefille

Danny Wilson
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rw_1747421Danny is a mountain bike athlete from the United Kingdom and has been riding for 15 years. He rides BMX and mountain bikes, and enjoys the adventure of bikepacking travels. Danny has a passion for the media side of the sport as well, and is a talented photographer and filmmaker. His combined media talent and riding experience allows the real story of the sport to be demonstrated in a way that anyone can relate to and connect. His creative film magically shares his experience, drawing you in, as if you are instantly transported to be part of the moment. You will feel the completeness and satisfaction of the ride as if it was your own. Always looking for a new challenge and approach to his riding, Danny is applying his love for the sport, expertise and creative talents to broaden the realm of winter biking as a team rider with BikeBoards.

Instagram: @_dannywilson_



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