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What's Your Next Adventure?

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BikeBoards provide the newest way to ride your bike on the snow. The BikeBoard Kit performs like a ski conversion kit but without modfication to your bike.  The ski kit attaches with a pressure fit to your tire.  It is the most affordable, easy and fun way to transform your favorite bike for your next snow bike or ski bike adventure; bike touring, backcountry, or free-styling.  The wheel ski kit fits mtb 26, 29'er, 29'er plus, fatbikes and bmx. The BikeBoards Kit is also adjustable to fit bike trailers, carts or other wheeled vehicles difficult to maneuver in the snow.  Your wheeled cargo carrier easily converts to a sled without removing the wheels.

Adjustable pin sets allow the BikeBoard Kit to fit any tire width from 2.o to 5.o -inches.  Custom pins for other tire sizes are also available by special order.  Our design is functional to adapt any wheeled vehicle for use on the snow.  Questions? Contact info@bikeboards.net

The BikeBoards Kit comes with your choice of 1 of 3 pin sets.  Additional pin sets may be ordered separately. 

                               What's your next adventure? 

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